Our Story

We are a family run business based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

The Pawsome Tuck Shop was created soon after we became the proud parents to our Hungarian Vizsla, Lola. 

Whilst doing research on what treats our local pet shops stocked it became apparent that we would only be able to get our hands on the same processed, boring and often misleading products that weren't quite what Lola deserved. 

The Pawsome Tuck Shop was born from our desire to maintain a healthy, nutritious, balanced diet for our pup whilst still allowing her to enjoy some incredibly tasty treats!  

Our main priority is your dogs health and well being so we put a lot of thought into what goes in our boxes. 

Natural treats are by far the better choice for your dog; they taste utterly delicious and are much healthier than your standard supermarket treats. This is why all items in our boxes are natural, air dried products, meaning all those key nurtrients are retained, helping you to keep up with your dogs healthy, balanced diet. 

Our dogs have a natural instinct to chew; its helps to keep the boredom at bay whilst also providing stimulation which is vital for their mental health. We guarantee that even our smallest box will have some long-lasting chews to help keep your dog stimulated.

We are now stocking The dog and I natural grooming products which are all naturally derived SLS, SLES and Paraben free, using only dog friendly oils in a range of our boxes,.

We are also stocking Green and Wilds ECO friendly dog toys, prefect for interactive play made from pure jute and split leather . These toys are natural, renewable and recyclable.